- Welcome to The GT6 Hotlap Database   -                - 31.07.2015 Google sheets have changed some things, now its a bit complicanted to filter the sheets... thats why i´m not updating this site anymore, you can still upload your laptimes, but i stop working on this site -                                      - 19.11.2014 Club Features were added with Update 1.14 on GT6 / A club for this HP was opened (see details below) -                                                         - 27.08.2014 you have now to enter the correct Performance Points when submitting your hotlap times, no longer TuningVariants / GT6 Rank and submitting of Replay-Files were removed -                       - 18.08.2014 Missing Tracks and vehicles from Updates were added to the database  -                                 -   02.06.2014 New cars from GT6 Update 1.07 and 1.08 were added   -                                  -    22.04.2014 its now possible to upload your Hotlap-Replay files   -                           -    23.04.2014 added GT6-Rank-Contests -                                    - 07.05.2014 it´s now possible to enter your specific Performance Points and Tires to the Database -                                   -                                 - no GT6 Ranks yet  -                                                -                                 - still here? -                                      - come on, lets go submit your hotlaps! -                        -        




Wilkommen auf der Gran Turismo 6 Hotlap Datenbank

 Auf dieser Seite kann jeder GT6 Hotlapper seine Bestzeiten hochladen und mit denen anderer vergleichen.

Clubname: GT6 Hotlap club / hotlap

Club-ID: 1001819

Bitte lest euch die Regeln durch bevor ihr beginnt!



Welcome to the Gran Turismo 6 Hotlap Database

On this page you can submit your GT6 Hotlaps and compare them with times of other GT6 players. 

Clubname: GT6 Hotlap club / hotlap

Club-ID: 1001819

please read the rules before you start!